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The Next Generation of Fragrance Manufacturing

Located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, we craft American-made fragrances with soul and creativity.

A note from our Founder, Jordan Soderholm

Nashville Candle Supply was born from a passion for quality. Following years of collaboration on Ranger Station with my husband, we identified an opportunity in the private label and manufacturing space. Most private label items are extremely subpar, so we aimed to fill the gap by offering products that brands could take pride in.

We’re excited to help you bring your brand to life through scent, thoughtfully.

Our Expertise

With product development led by Ranger Station founder and self-taught perfumer, Steve Soderholm, our scents are anything but cliche. Whether you’re choosing an existing scent from our line, or you want to design a unique fragrance from the ground up, we offer an artisan, fragrance house experience to help you tell your story through scent.

✓ Handmade in the USA
✓ All natural oils available
✓ Safe, clean, sustainable
✓ Headache free